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Real Living - The Horan Group has been selling homes in the Southeastern Massachusetts for well over 2 decades. During this time, we have served hundreds of buyers, sellers, lenders and investors.   

We love what we do,We love to help people, and We love the real estate business. We are a full time real estate professional office that will sell or find the best home, negotiate the best price and walk you through the process with the least inconvenience and make you comfortable with the process.

Our passion is finding you results, saving you time, and building a friendship in the process. The agent that you select is of extreme importance. He or she will be the determinant of the success or failure of the home buying process.

My business has been built on repeat customers and referrals. We are committed to your success.


Kerry Perron, Broker, ABR, Former Director of GrNBAR
and The Horan Group Real Estate Team

2017 Winner of the Best Real Estate Company


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